Tools For Spot Removal

SPOTTING BRUSH and BONE SCRAPER are tools used to properly spot carpet. The spotting brush should be used with a stamping action. Place a clean white towel over the spot and damp the towel with the brush, this absorbs the spot or stain into the towel. Use the blunt end of the Bone Scraper to agitate and provide mechanical action to the spot and use the sharp end to help break up and penetrate crusty or gummy spots.

Test For Colourfastness

  1. Find the inconspicuous piece of carpet (closet) and clip a strand of each carpet fiber colour.
  2. Apply cleaning solution full strength on the carpet.
  3. Give the chemicals time to react, at least five minutes
  4. Visually inspect for colour changes in the carpet and blot with a clean white towel to see if any dyes have bled.
  5. If the pretest shows any adverse effects, do not proceed.


General Spotting Procedure

  1. Prepare supplies and equipment
  2. Test for colourfastness
  3. Remove excess spotting soil using spoon or towel.
  4. Blot with water first (except if oil or ink). This may remove the spot
  5. Apply spotting fluid (follow label instructions). Give this some dwell time which will allow the fluid to react with the spot. Agitate with bone scraper if needed.
  6. Blot using clean white absorbent towels making sure to apply pressure with finger tips or the palm of your hand. As the spot transfers onto the cloth, keep moving to a clean part and keep blotting.
  7. Reapply spotting fluid and blot if needed.
  8. Apply rinse water (this step may not be need ed with some products)
  9. Blot rinse water with clean absorbent towels removing as much moisture as possible
  10. Brush fibers into upright position and let air dry.

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