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We enjoy serving your needs with regards to carpet cleaning. We want you to be fully aware of what you are getting into when using this website. The following is the official Carpet Cleaning Tips privacy policy.

We will collect information from you as you visit the site. However, this is all information is that not going to directly identify you. This information includes things like your specific web browser, details on your IP address and information on the sites that you might go to when you are on this site.

We use this information solely for our own benefit. This includes figuring out what parts of our site are more popular with people in certain areas. This also includes seeing if our site is working on multiple web browsers.

There are some cases where you can send information that is used to identify you. Like Opt-Ins. However, these instances will be completely voluntary. These include cases where you might be allowed to send out things like your email address, phone number (possibly but unlikely) and name. You are not legally required to send us this information. This information would only be used as a means of getting you into email notification clubs, newsletters, contests and other things that might be used as a means of keeping in touch with you or even with rewarding you at varying times. We will not spam you in anyway. We hate spam very much just like you do.

We will not send out your information to third parties EVER unless you specifically say that we can.

We use cookies on this site to make it a little easier for you to use the site. You may choose to block cookies but you may not be able to get full access to the site if you do this. You may also remove cookies that you get after you leave the site. You will have to get new ones if you do come back after deleting these cookies the first time around.

We will not ask for information from people under the age of thirteen unless their parents or legal guardians say that it is okay for them to send out their data. This is done with the intention of protecting any minors who are online. We use this standard as a means of following the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Finally, the terms that are on this privacy policy are good only for this site. We do link up to third party sites on occasion. However, our privacy policy does not extend to these sites. Each site will have its own policy.

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