Pile Lifter Vacuum Cleaners

Pile Filter Vacuum Cleaners: are designed to raise the pile or face yarns of carpeting which has been crushed or flattened by pedestrian traffic, while providing a high degree of vacuum cleaning. One might say that the pile lifter vacuum cleaner, and the upright carpet vacuum cleaner have similar features, but different applications.

Across the front underside of the heavy pile lifter vacuum cleaner is a large cylindrical brush with very aggressive bristles. This brush is powered by a large electric motor and is rotated in a forward direction. The brush combs the pile of the carpeting while picking up and flicking loose carpet fibers and particles of soil into a sand trap installed beneath the pile lifter vacuum cleaner. A vacuum motor assembly mounted on top of the pile lifter vacuum cleaner sucks the smaller air-borne soil particles into its open face fan, then blows them into an external Filter bag which is fastened to the vacuum motor’s exhaust port and suspended by the handle of the Pile Lifter vacuum cleaner. The operator must ensure that the filter bag and the sand trap of the pile lifter vacuum cleaner are emptied out regularly in order to maintain maximum operational efficiency of the unit. Pile lifter brush vacuum cleaners have a very high airflow rating and a very low suction rating.

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  1. Very useful machines – ppl should use them more often or hire a professional if they don’t have one of those on top of their normal vacuum cleaner .


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