Marketing Strategies For Your Carpet Cleaning Business

How do you ensure the success of your small-scale carpet cleaning business? How will it fair with its competitors? Under the premise of taking all things as equals, what is the slightest edge that will tilt victory in your favor?

Carpet cleaning has evolved from one of those homemakers’ tales of housekeeping woes to a billion dollar enterprise. Competition is keen – some carpet cleaning companies will shoot up and fizzle just as fast. Others take forever to grow while a few seem undaunted by the challenge –they do not only succeed, they linger on top.
Most business feasibility studies revealed that marketing has defined the staying power or longevity of any business undertaking. As various resources form the foundation of your business, such as equipments, labor, capital and raw materials, marketing sets up “wings” that fly your business from obscurity to fame.

But how will you start the ball rolling?

Marketing Strategy for Carpet Cleaning BusinessThrough the potent force of marketing, which includes selling, your business will flourish. No business has withstood time and competition without the tested principles of getting the message across, that a type of product or service is available, to address a want or a need. Failure to convey this message effectively will reduce the chance of any business to stay on the fickle line of survival.

But marketing can be costly. Indeed, it is. The medium through which your marketing efforts will flow, dictates the cost of marketing that you will bear, with the results not in direct proportion to the cost, sometimes.

Here are a few marketing strategies you may observe, to blast your carpet cleaning business – at minimum budget.

Sell yourself. Before you can convince others to patronize your product or service, you have to convince them to trust you. Selling yourself is more difficult actually, than selling a product or service, but once subdued, all other selling challenges become halfway won.

Learn everything you can about selling your ideas. Keep abreast with the latest selling techniques that work. You are your company’s first and foremost sales agent. Your success as a sales person will guarantee the success of your carpet cleaning service.

Identify your niche and build your business upon it. Who are your customers? Of course, everyone who has a carpet! Yet, at the initial stage of your business, you cannot be “all things to all people”. You need to identify your market, or find your niche. Concentrating your efforts to building up your business upon the needs of your niche market does not only save time, money and effort, it is also a good marketing approach. Later, when you have built a certain expertise in the kind of carpet cleaning service that your niche market needs, you can capture other markets. Your track record is already established, thus, it is easier to find referrals or acquire written testimonials. On the other hand, if you attempt to serve different markets at once, you will only end up frustrated. Know the story of a lizard who tried to embrace a big post? It fell dead!

Get Noticed. You can set up a low-cost advertising campaign by printing out flyers and distribute these in the neighborhood, if that’s where you want to start, or deliver them personally to offices, if you want to create a niche there. The bottom line is simple: make everyone in your market know that your type of service exists!
Your business or calling card should be available at all times. It is unprofessional to scribble telephone or cell phone numbers on pieces of paper, each time a client asks where he could reach you. Put your business on the breast pocket of every customer you can find – invest on calling cards.

Go Online. Welcome to the new trend of marketing avenue folks. Not a lot of cleaning business do this yet,But you can capitalize before your competitors do. Going online is one of the best and cheapest way to getleads and promote your business to your target audience. Have a website or let a professional do it for you. You can also ask them about Mobile or Social Marketing campaign tactics to extend your marketing strategy and have more clients for you and topple your competitors with ease.

Set up a home-based calling center. Marketing on a small budget does not mean you scrimp at all angles. You can’t afford to lose an inquiry by not having someone to answer the telephone, if you are not at home.If you are married, perhaps you can delegate the task to your wife. You may find a secretary who can takeon with the job, too but this would entail additional cost on your already tight budget. An answering machine can fit the bill! You may find a trusty answering machine in one of the local surplus or second-hand shops.

Market non-stop. Know the 3-foot rule? It is cracking up a conversation with anyone who comes close to you within the range of three feet. Needless to say, the purpose of the conversation is to “get to know you and what you do”, leading to a possible sales call. Many sales agents thrive on the 3-foot rule, and by far, this is an effective sales strategy in getting clients.

You can also participate in trade shows, or conduct a “how to” seminar among clubs and associations. Teach-in seminars on “how to clean your carpet the easy way” will spark up interest – rather than doing the messy job themselves, most likely, participants in your teach-in sessions will get you, to do the job for them.

Chain referrals. Be it a closed deal for your carpet cleaning service, or an inquiry, DO NOT let go of the opportunity to acquire a minimum of two referrals each time. This will create a chain of prospects for you that you can tap and develop into clients. Also known as the Referral System, every sales agent utilizes this, why won’t you?
Marketing strategies that work need not be expensive. They can be by-products of your creativity, interpersonal skills, and attention to detail. You can blast your small-scale carpet cleaning business with simple, yet effective marketing strategies.

Marketing, after all, is not all about costly advertising, though multi-media advertising can drive lots of traffic to your door, its cost, a pale comparison to the results it can generate. If you can already afford it, why not?

Meantime, your small-scale carpet cleaning business can make do with straightforward marketing strategies.


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  1. It’s too hard to establish carpet cleaning business. I try it for two years in Sydney, even I don’t get the result what I want. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for the plethora of strategies. I have to combine these to keep my company a going-concern. Gotta live with the 3-foot rule.

  3. I’ve been considering getting into the carpet cleaning business. It’s a hard field I hear, but a rewarding one none the less. I think it would be good to try it out while I’m in college. I go to school at nights so I think it could work out. However it goes, I’ll be sure to get a website up ASAP. That seems to make or break a business these days.


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