Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial Drum Vacuum Cleaners: are heavy steel drums of 30 – 55 gallon capacities which have been converted to enourmous wet/dry vacuum cleaners by installing big power head assembles over top of them.

The power head assemblies have from one to four vacuum motors externally mounted on top of them, with some utilizing external filter bag systems. Steel drums naturally have no hose connectors so therefore the hose connectors are installed into the power head assemblies. The hose most commonly used with industrial drum vacuum cleaners is a spiral hose of two and a half inches in diameter made of polyethylene. Because of its big diameter, copious amounts of large bits of debris can be ingested into the vacuum cleaner at any given time. These vacuum cleaner systems can be used in workshops for cleaning up the likes of wood scraps, and metal shavings, or on construction sites for cleaning of sumps, or inside of oil tanker ships for sludge containment.

Optional transport wheel kits made to fit the bases of the various drums, are available for the easier maneuvering of the industrial drum vacuum cleaners. All other features are similar to wet / dry canister vacuum cleaner systems, as previously described.

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  1. It really does help to know the difference between an industrial vacuum cleaner and your average run of the mill one. Of course one of the bigger advantages of using an industrial vacuum is that they can suck up larger debris. This can make cleaning up workshops and other larger complexes much easier.


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