How to Stretch Carpet

Loose carpets are not only an eye sore, but can also trip you while walking on it. Whereas there are individuals that prefer calling experts to stretch their carpets for them, with the right information you should be able to stretch your carpet on your own. Therefore, if you are surfing for information on how to stretch carpet, you will find this article quite an interesting read.

Discussed herein, are steps and guidelines on how to stretch carpet.


  • Strip the rug back so as to free it from the pin strip, beginning from one end and jerking it gradually so as to loosen the rug from the pin strips. Hold one end of the carpet using a set of pliers and then slowly pull it away from the pin strap.
    • – Note that, you should not jerk the rug from every end of the room as it needs to stay fastened on one side of the wall.
    • – Jerking the rug to hard can cause the fibers to separate, thus damaging your carpet in the process.
  • Jerk the pins from the padding prior to lifting the carpet from the floor. Raise the padding from the boundaries of the walls so as to provide you with some room for walking.[cmamad id=”709″ align=”floatleft” mobid=”675″]
  • Get rid of the previous pin strips by making use of a pry bar, hammer or crowbar. Ensure that you are wearing work gloves so as to minimize injuries while working on the pin strips.(- Put the old pin strips in a container next to you. This is to ensure that your work location is kept neat. In addition, it will minimize injuries while kneeling down when you come into contact with exposed sharp pins.)
  • Put the new pin strips approximately 0.25 inches from the wall. Ensure that they are in the exact positions where the old pins strips were. If you want them to be of the same length, you can use a tin snip to cut them. Place them in such a manner that the holding pins above are pointing towards the wall. Use a hammer to sink the pins into the ground.
  • Buy a couple of rug tools from a local hardware store so as to assist you in finishing this simple home maintenance activity. These include a carpet cutter, power stretcher as well as a knee kicker.
    • A carpet cutter is utilized in cutting the carpet. Whereas you can use a utility knife, you will have to keep on changing the blade.
    • A knee kicker is to assist you in stretching the carpet in minute locations where you cannot utilize a power stretcher.
    • A power stretcher is to assist you in stretching the carpet in the bigger areas of the room.

Or you may check the video below(captured from youtube) to give you an idea how it is done.

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  1. For a professional carpet cleaner it is much easier to clean a stretched carpet so a nice carpet installation is very important.


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