How To Remove Red Wine Spill On Carpet

Red wine is a drink enjoyed by many, especially at parties, but when someone spills red wine on your light carpet it can feel like the party just came to an abrupt halt. However, if you act quickly and take the following steps you can stop worrying about that spilled red wine and go back enjoying yourself with your friends.

The first step when someone spills red wine on any surface, but especially on a light carpet, is to blot up as much of the wine as possible, as quickly as possible. This prevents the spill from becoming even larger, and soaking down deep into the carpet fibers and pad. To do this grab clean white cloths, paper towels or napkins and blot, don’t rub, the fibers to transfer as much liquid into the cloth from the carpet as possible.

Red Wine Spill on CarpetNext, mix a solution of one tablespoon dishwashing liquid, one tablespoon vinegar, and two cups cool water, and use a clean white cloth to blot this solution into the carpet. Keep blotting fresh cleaning solution onto the carpet as long as you continue to get transfer of the red wine spilled from the carpet onto the cloth. Periodically use a new section of the clean cloth for blotting so you do not accidentally re-transfer the wine from the cloth back onto the carpet.

What if you don’t have time, right then, to start cleaning your carpet with this cleaning solution? You still need to blot up as much of the stain as possible, but you can wait a while for the cleaning solution if, in the mean time, you pour a heavy layer of table salt over the area of the carpet with the red wine spill. The salt will help absorb some additional wine, but also keep the wine from setting while you continue on with your party. Once the party is over, and you have time to deal with the spilled wine, you should vacuum up the salt and then start the cleaning process with the solution of dishwashing liquid and vinegar mentioned above.

Sometimes, especially when you deal with the wine spill right away, these steps will be enough to spot clean your carpet. If this is the case go ahead and rinse the area of carpet with water, to help remove the cleaning solution from the carpet, and then let the carpet thoroughly dry. However, if you can still see traces of the red wine, which as more likely on light carpets, keep following these additional steps below.

Next, mix a solution of 1 part dishwashing liquid and 2 parts 3% hydrogen peroxide (such as the kind used in first aid). Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleach, and therefore it can effectively remove the last traces of red wine that you may still see on your light carpet. However, before using this bleach on your carpet you should test it an an inconspicuous area to make sure it will not harm, or remove color from your carpet. Generally, this is not such a problem with light carpets, but you should definitely check to make sure.

Using the hydrogen peroxide solution blot at the carpet where you still see traces of spilled red wine, just as you did with the previous cleaning solution. Once the carpet is clean you will need to blot the area with cool water to remove as much of the hydrogen peroxide solution as possible, because prolonged exposure could damage your carpet. Be careful, however, to only get the carpet as wet as needed to clean and then rinse it.

Finally, you must allow the carpet to dry thoroughly. To help with drying you can place fans in the area to help with evaporation. Another method is to lay a cloth on the damp area, and then place a heavy object on the cloth. The cloth will help wick water out of the carpet, which results in quicker drying.

These steps should help you remove red wine spills on carpet quickly, easily and effectively so you can enjoy your parties, and never fear breaking out the red wine for a good celebration.

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