How To Remove Fish Chowder Smell On My Carpet

I spilled fish chowder on my carpet last week. I have tried carpet shampoo, oxi clean, white vinegar and baking soda. Nothing seems to work. Suggestion please to get the smell out.

Thank you



Rug DoctorHave you tried renting the rug doctor? This is a little bit expensive but effective. This alone can solve your problem but I want to caution you when you use this specially if the place you live in is humid or not enough sun and air..If the water on your carpet did not get dried, mold will come out and it will make it worse…Dont wet your carpet too much… you open your windows and door. Let the air circulates in your room to dry it… it will take hours to get it dry though..better if you have a blower or fan targeting the wet spot…

You can find them at any grocery stores…

Note: Dont just clean it on one spot make it wider the coverage because you’ll never know maybe you missed some other spots that have spilled.

Well, thank you for writing to me and asking for my suggestion..Hope this helps.. Cheers ūüôā

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