How To Remove Blood On The Carpet

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I just wanted to share how I removed blood stains on the carpet.  It all happened when the patient vomited lots of blood around her bed, on the carpet and most of the parts of her room. After few hours, the patient died of  gastroentestinal problems, I believe. Im not sure on that one. I do not even have the rights to know. Anyway, I was tapped to do that tasks. This happens most of the times in the hospital or care home setting. So, I hope you learn something from this.. :):)

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1) I dressed up like I am a doctor going for a surgery or operation..hehe.  It is called PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Sorry, but something that I have to do to prevent from contracting any virus, bacteria or germs from the blood. Who knows what is in the blood. It could be AIDS, HIV or Hepatitis virus or something else. Something a carpet cleaner must do. By the way, for this task , I was not just a carpet cleaner but also a housekeeper at that moment.

PPE when cleaning a blood on carpet

2) I put and sprayed all over with disinfectant all spots that I believe have splashed with the blood – Bed(foam), bed frame, walls, cabinets, chairs, TV’s, cables, plugs, switches, and of course the carpet.

3) I left then left the disinfectant do his job for couple of minutes.

4) I went back then wipe them all up with rags including the blood stains on the carpet. Kept on wiping until all the blood has gone. Well the blood stains on the carpet did not remove entirely, just the big chunk of blood sitting there. The rags that I used had some disinfectant too.. So, I was pretty sure I killed all the virus, germs, pathogens, fungi, and bacteria.

5) Then I removed the bed frame, chairs, any hurdles that will post a problem when I was cleaning the carpet.  All the heavy stuffs were left inside. Then moved them as I clean the carpet

6) Shampooed the carpet as many passes as possible specially on the parts that have blood on it.  I sprayed some stain remover as well.

7) Then I took  all the rags that I used. Then, washed them with bleach. I threw that had much blood stains.

Blood stains on the carpet

Blood on carpet


After cleaning the blood stains ..

Clean carpet after blood stains



  1. blood stains are certainly not fun to clean for a carpet, thanks for sharing your carpet cleaning experience!

  2. Stains and odors can be very difficult to remove from your carpet. A professional carpet cleaning service is probably your best option in successfully removing the stains and odors.

  3. This was definitely a good read. I can relate to the article as someone who is constantly being asked for tips on removing all sorts of fluids, bodily or not, from carpets. You had a good technique for getting the blood out. Looking forward to reading more.

  4. Well, at least we know we can get it out now. My son was really stupid and hurt himself while trying to impress his friend. I know, it sounds like ever scenario. He tried to cover it up, but he got a lot of blood all over the carpet and we’re going to have to try and get it out. I’ll be sure to keep a mask on, don’t want to get sick over this experience. He’s ok if you were wondering, but he won’t be after I’m done with him.


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