Guide In Choosing Carpet Remnants

Decoration of floors has been a practice in many families for centuries now. Actually, it is believed that people have been covering their floors with carpet thousands of years ago. These days, more and more people are finding it necessary to use carpets to cover their floors in homes and offices. This is largely due to its merits in terms of delivery of service and convenience. However, not all people are able to afford the full rolls of carpet from the floor retail stores. That is why the idea of going for carpet remnants could never have come at a better time.

Carpet remnants are smaller pieces of carpet, which are often left when the big chunks have been cut off from the main roll. They may never be big in size, and they do not have specific dimensions. But remnants can come in handy if you have no big budget for a fancy carpet for your floor. They can serve the same purpose as any type of carpet, and still save you the money you could spend in buying a new bigger rag.

Is It Worth It?

You may want to compare different options when planning to decorate your floor. There are several alternatives to pick from but a carpet beats them all. Benefits of purchasing a remnant carpet as an alternative to other type of flooring options are many. The first one of course is the aesthetic value of a nice woven rag. Most people buy carpets to decorate their homes and add some class and taste to them. This is made possible by the fact that carpets come in different materials, styles and colours.

The other important benefit is that a carpet remnant offers a great deal of insulation. It can shield you from the coldness of a concrete floor. It also creates a soft landing for substances falling on the floor, including you. It’s also obvious that you reduce chances of slipping and falling by using a rag, compared to say marble or tiles. This is even important if you have toddler or young active children. You can check on their safety by reducing the risk of injury through the use of a remnant carpet.

Carpets are good in trapping heat, sound and dust. During the cold session, they retain heated air thereby maintaining a warm temperature in the house. They also trap dust from shoes and other items, and by so doing they help to maintain fresh and dust-free air for the house occupants to breathe in. Excessive sound can also be insulated by a thick layer of remnant carpet. This makes them appropriate in an environment where serenity and quietness is essential. On top of that, carpet remnants are quite cheap to purchase compared to full size rags. This is true since there is no much demand towards them. They also sell cheaper because of their smaller sizes and indefinite shapes.

What To Look Out For In Carpet Remnants

Carpet Remnants

When choosing a carpet remnant, there are several things you will need to consider so that you can get a piece that will suite your needs. To begin with, carpet remnants are made up of a variety of material, depending on a manufacturer and their design specifications. The most common type of material which has been in use since time immemorial is wool. Sheared from sheep and spun into long threads, wool can be used to make a variety of strong and long lasting rags. It is this strength and its ability to withstand a lot of pressure that makes it a better candidate, compared to other materials such as cotton. As a natural fiber, wool is also good in absorbing a wide range of colours and it does not burn easily.

Nylon and polyester are two other synthetic fibers used to make carpet. You can go for remnants made of nylon since they are moderately priced compared to those made of wool. Such carpets can hold on to twists and they withstand huge amounts of weight without crushing. Nylon is also good with resisting stains, and you don’t have to worry about fading of colours.

Apart from material, you may also want to consider the usefulness of the carpet remnant you wish to buy. Depending on where you intend to place it, you should look at things like quality, colour and even thickness. Go for rags with better quality and thickness if you are going to place them in a place with high traffic, say a leaving room or corridor. Colour choices may depend on the activities of the room where the remnant will be placed. You should choose carpets depending on the colour of your walls or furniture to create a perfect match. Bright colors can do better in the bedroom while the darker shades will be more preferred in the hallway where more people are likely to pass on them.

You will need to know the exact size of the area to be covered by the remnant carpet before purchasing. That way you will be able to get the right size for say your room, given that remnants do not have specific measurements. Be sure to measure your room or the portion to be covered and share the measurements with the retailer so that they can help in getting the most fitting rag.

New carpet remnants can be found in any flooring retails shop, after they cut the big rolls to sell to customers according to their desired sizes. The second hand remnants can also be accessed from interior decorating companies and old furniture resellers. Therefore, in case you want to keep your room or office smart and tidy at a low cost, then a carpet remnant is what you need.

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