FTC Disclosure

We’re excited to help you out with seeing what you can do for all of your carpet cleaning needs. However, we do need you to be aware of what we are doing with regards to informing you about various things on this site. The following statement has been posted in accordance to guidelines from the Federal Trade Commissions. This relates to any relationships that we might have with other parties.

We are proud to offer information that relates to a variety of carpet cleaning and treatment products. In some cases the information that we list relates directly to different carpet cleaning product companies or to certain websites that sell these products.

All of the information that we write on this site is completely independent from any of these companies and websites. We only hire independent writers who are not associated with any of these parties. We have not been paid by any website that offers products or services.

There are some instances where you might find links that go from our site to another. These links have been planted on our own volition. We were not paid for any of these links either. We selected these links on our own by simply determining what we feel might offer the best potential information for your general needs.

There are cases where we can get money off of the people that we have linked to. These cases will come from commissions. We can get some commissions off of websites provided that you click on a link that we have created and buy something off of the site that you have entered. We can also get a commission from Google Adsense once you click on those ads. However, we don’t have a control on what the ads will show. Its all up to Google  and to their servers.

We will not receive any of these monetary benefits if you go right to a site without going through us first. You will not be required to go to our site just to get any of these items unless you feel like you want to buy something based off of our recommendations. We will not force you in any way to buy something from us through any of our links.

All endorsements and testimonials that we have listed on this site relate to traditional advertising measures without the permission of any companies that these testimonials are for. This is known as word of mouth advertising. This form of advertising is not controlled by the companies that we advertising for.

The advertisements that we have posted on this site are not influenced by any of our decisions. We use a series of advertisements that can be legally added onto WordPress simply to get revenue so that we can keep on operating this site. In many cases the advertisements will relate heavily to sites that you might have visited recently. Any cases where the ads relate to companies that are discussed on this site are not intentional and are often caused by visits to sites that offer these products.

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