We appreciate the opportunity that we have to give you all the information you need with regards to how to go about carpet cleaning procedures. We at CarpetCleaningTips.Com want to help you out but we also want you to be fully aware of some of the standards that we have gotten into during the process of managing this website.

All of the information that we have listed on CarpetCleaningTips.Com are for your information only. We are not paid by others to use certain information and we use this simply as a means of making your life a little easier to manage.

We try as hard as possible to be accurate and to keep all information that we have as up to date as it can be. However, we cannot make any guarantees that any of the information that we list on this site is accurate and current. This includes information in both graphical and textual forms.

We cannot be responsible for damages to your items in the event that you follow the information that we have listed on the site. You will be at your own risk when you are managing carpet cleaning procedures of the information that we have listed on this site.

We cannot be legally liable for any damages that come onto your carpet or other surfaces. These include damages like discoloration, pest issues and damaged fibers. We are not liable for any direct damages, indirect damages or anything outside of your carpet that might have been damaged as a result of a certain treatment that you have used. We are not responsible for any changes in the profits or revenues that might come out of your business space or other area that has been impacted by your carpet cleaning functions.

There are some cases where we will list links onto different websites. These include sites that offer information, products and services that relate to carpet cleaning. We cannot be held responsible for any damages or issues that might come off of information that comes from these third party websites. You are not obliged to get onto any of these websites.

There are some cases where our website might be unavailable. This could be from server issues that we cannot control or from us trying to maintain the site as well as possible through scheduled maintenance procedures. We cannot be legally responsible for cases where you have tried to access our site but were unable to do this.

Also, we will let you know well in advance when our scheduled maintenance events will take place. We are not responsible for damages that come from our site not being up due to schedule maintenance functions.

This information has been listed as a means of letting you know about our responsibility to you. We hope that this does not discourage you from using our site.

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