How To Control Black Carpet Beetle

Black Carpet BeetlesBlack carpet beetles are quite common in most homes and offices. Over the last couple of years, a majority of pest control companies have been called to homes and business premises to help get rid of this annoying pest. While most people tend to think that the black carpet beetles are only a threat when it comes the well-being of their carpets, these pests are also known to destroy stored foodstuffs and clothes. Black carpet beetles usually find their way into homes or business premises through openings in doorways, windows as well as cracks on the walls. The main reason why a majority of people tend to find it hard to keep the black carpet beetle out of their premises is because of their minute size.

Whereas most people are fond of calling experts to deal with issues to do with pests in their premises, they can save thousands of dollars annually by taking matters into their own hands. Getting rid of carpet beetles is not that hard if you have the right information to guide you.

As such, if you are surfing for information on black carpet beetle control, you will find the information provided in this article quite an interesting read.

Dealing with the issue

[cmamad id=”709″ align=”floatleft” mobid=”ad-off”]The black carpet beetle can be had to manage. You can get rid of affected rugs, clothes and foodstuffs or even have the affected items aired in the sun. In case a considerable number of clothes and carpets have been affected by the black beetle, look for a dry cleaner that will offer you unbeatable offer. Elimination of pet fur on a regular basis by vacuuming can also assist in minimizing likely food founts for larvae. Eradicating clutter from floor surfaces can also assist. You need to also dry clean your carpet on a regular basis. As a way of preventing the bugs from finding their way back into the house, it’s recommended that you get rid of the vacuum bag once you are done.

Susceptible linen such as the ones made from wool, silk, or cashmere should be kept in air tight locations so as to safeguard them from the black carpet beetles.

Note that the adult black beetle is not the problem. The larvae are also a source of headache. As such, if you would like to manage both the adult black beetle and larvae, you can use a residual pesticide for example, Permacide P-1. This can be applied on the carpet edges or baseboards. If you have a wall-to-wall carpet, you need to remove them from their pin strips then spray the edges with the pesticide.

In addition, you need to take into account your dressers, tables, chairs and other furniture in the house. Treat the edgesAnother Carpet Beetles and corners using the pesticide.

Controlling black carpet beetle infestation

The saying “prevention is better than cure” is not in vain. The best way to get rid of black carpet beetle is to prevent them in the first place. You can do this by ensuring cracks on walls as well as openings on doorways and windows are sealed.


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