Carpet Tiles

When it comes to your floors, don’t be limited just to carpets. Try the newer carpet tiles instead. Carpet tiles come in a wide range of designs and a great choice of materials. Geometric, bordered, contemporary, terracotta or even bamboo, your floors can now have a complete makeover!

When buying carpet tiles you need to consider where you intend installing them. Carpet tiles vary in their density and thickness. Those with more thickness have a cushioning so that it is soft on the surface. Such carpet tiles are ideal for homes. They also provide some amount of thermal insulation. Thinner carpet tiles are ideal for offices, airports, gymnasiums and such other high traffic areas. They are easy to maintain and long lasting.

Carpet tiles come in a variety of patterns and materials. You can make your home a green home by using environmentally friendly bamboo carpet tiles. Or choose terracotta tiles that can give an earthy feel to your interiors. You can liven up or play down on your floor, depending on your theme of décor. Carpet tiles made of rubber, foam, Vinyl and linoleum find better use in children’s room, office spaces or other heavy traffic areas. The cost of carpet tiles depends on their density and thickness. The price range can vary from $1 per sq ft to $40 per sq ft.

Carpet tiles offer you many advantages when compared to wall-to-wall carpeting. Carpet tiles are easy to transport and install. The installation procedure can be done even in parts so that your whole heavy furniture needn’t be shifted out. It is also more affordable to replace whenever you are bored with your interiors. That doesn’t in any way mean that they are not durable. In fact, they last longer than carpets even when used in heavy traffic areas.

Carpet tiles also let you be creative. You can do a mix and match of tiles. Use a color for the border or create a unique look with various patterns. Unlike wall-to-wall carpet you don’t need professional help, in case of wear, tear or staining. If carpet tiles are stained or torn, just replace it with a new tile!

The downside however, with carpet tiles is that the use of adhesive on the underside of carpet tiles causes chemical components to mix with indoor air thereby reducing the indoor air quality with strong odors and undesirable chemical elements. Also if the carpet tile needs to be replaced, the adhesive residue must be removed before installation of fresh carpet tiles. Carpet tiles may not also give as much thermal protection as carpets. Needless to mention, it lacks the luxurious look and feel that only a carpet can impart.

Carpet tiles are available to suit every taste, budget and furnishings style. Since they are less expensive, they offer you the opportunity to experiment with your interiors. As with carpets, the installation is an important part. Carpet tiles must be installed on hard surfaces such as stone, ceramic tiles or cement floor. The surface must be smooth and cleaned, so that the adhesives last and your floor has a well-finished look. Carpet tiles generally have cushioning or padding already installed thus reducing the cost and extending the life of the carpet. Also, ensure that experienced contractors install your carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles are a good alternative to wall-to-wall carpets. It has its many advantages and if well installed, can give you a problem free floor for years. So in the high traffic, difficult to maintain areas of your home or office, you can well do with a new look for your floor, with carpet tiles.


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