Carpet Spot Removal

Carpets are subjected to a wide variety of soils depending on the where the carpet is located. Public areas are more frequently marred by chewing gum, candy, grease and oil spots, cigarette burns, food and beverage spills. These soils if left will become very difficult to remove.

There is a lot of difference between a spot and a stain. A spot is a soluble substance that can be easily removed by a normal cleaning process. A stain is a substance that has dyed or altered a fabric or carpet fiber and may not be removed by a normal cleaning process. A stain that is lighter than the fabric or fiber will be very difficult if not impossible to remove due to dye loss.

Prompt action along with the proper removal chemicals and following correct
procedures can keep spots under control. Always test the fiber in an inconspicuous area first before using the spot removal chemical. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

There are many good spotting products on the market that are effective at
removing both water soluble and oil based spots. These spots removal products will remove most but not all of the spots you will encounter.

Tip: The most important piece of advice is to remove the spot before
it becomes a stain. Remember, what may come out today may not come out tomorrow. All manufacturers set out directions on how their spot removal
products work and what types of spots they will remove.

General Spot Removal Guidelines
Always test spotting fluid
on carpet fiber before using
Apply water before and after most
spotting procedures except ink.
Start spot removal treatment as soon
as possible.
Use correct spotting fluid.
Employ the correct techniques such
as starting at the outer edge of the
spot and work to the center
Do not rub or brush to hard. This
can result in a distortion of the fiber
that will be worse that the spot. Blot
or Dab
Do not overwet by rushing the job
– dry up as much as possible by blotting
with towels.
Do not allow the treated area to
dry too slowly
Spotting Accessories
Spotting Agent Product that is able to remove the soil in question. There are available good general spotters that will work equally well on both water and oil based spots.
Drop Cloth To protect adjacent carpet from spillage, soiled towels, etc.
Rinse water To flush out spots.
Extraction Equipment. To aid in rinsing and removing spots.
pH paper To check the pH of a spot or solution used.
Scissor To trim fussing or sprouts
Steam Iron For wax removal and hot transfer process.

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