Carpet Extraction Cleaning Products

These are the carpet shampoo/extraction products  we use.  The NaceCare (Just for carpets)  provides a good solution in preventing  of re-soiling.  Also, the smell is awesome. Every time I use this, I notice it does not totally remove tough stains. It reduces but not totally. It is best to use the carpet spot cleaner first before using carpet extractor in conjunction with this chemical. Maybe if you pass the tough stains multiple times and shampoo it on a regular basis, the tough stains might come off. Overall, I like this product.

Just a Tip: Make sure you used up all the chemicals in the tank or empty it after use. Otherwise, if you leave them in the tank for couple hours or overnight, it will block the jet spray and you will have a hard time of clearing the block. Rinse the dirty tank after use.

Carpet Shampooer



Make sure you use a defoamer when doing carpet extraction to prevent foam from building-up during carpet cleaning operations. If you dont use it, the vacuum motor in the carpet extraction machine might get damaged. You will also see dirty foams coming out in the dirty tank and machine.

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