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Stains and spots is a big problem if your floor is carpeted. Replacing an entire carpet is definitely out of the question since you will be spending a few thousand dollars for it. And you can’t keep on replacing your carpet every time it gets stains and spots. One solution to this big problem is carpet dye. And there’s even the do-it-yourself carpet dye. It is more cost-effective than having a professional clean your carpet. Just make sure that if you get one, it will match the color of your carpet. But since carpet dyes are translucent, it means they interact with the original color of your carpet instead of overlapping it. A carpet dye kit alone is enough to cover more than a hundred stains and spots. Ain’t that amazing? You can walk on it just after ten minutes of application because it dries fast. The carpet dye is also embedded to the carpet permanently and stays there until the carpet itself has worn out. And one sure thing, carpet dyes are 100 percent non-toxic. It is definitely eco-friendly. Be forewarned though that carpet dyes are good only for nylon and wool.

Another available solution is the professional carpet dye kind. The professional carpet dye is available in a package of 14 various colors.

[cmamad id=”709″ align=”floatleft” mobid=”675″]Before proceeding though, take these cautions in mind. Carpet dyes can affect carpet stain resistance. There are actually various types of carpet dyeing. These include skein, stock dyeing, yarn dyeing, space dyeing, extrusion dyeing, beck dyeing, continuous dyeing and print dyeing. You must be at least familiar with each of these types so that you will not regret in the end. Remember that carpet dye sticks to the carpet permanently. So you must think a dozen times before coming up with a decision on which carpet dye is good for your carpet.

One last word of caution though. After your carpet has been dyed, subsequent insertions of dirt particles into it will result into the discoloration of the carpet dye itself. Ingredients of certain carpet cleaning products can also affect the coloration of your carpet dye. In that case, you may want to re-dye your carpet again. But again, this is definitely less expensive than buying a whole set of carpets.

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