Car Upholstery Care – Tips to Spruce Up Your Car Interiors

The proud house owner leaves no stone unturned to spot a spanking clean interior whilst paint is peeling off from his exterior walls and the garden is in shambles. The proud car owner however takes the utmost pains to spruce up the exteriors of his vehicle, giving the insides a miss. “Car upholstery care” is an alien concept for most car owners.

What many vehicle owners fail to realize is that dirty, grimy and stained upholstery not only makes car look shabby, but it is also a potent health hazard. Think of all the dirt, dust, pollen and the like embedded in your car carpet and the havoc it is wrecking on your poor respiratory system every time you are in the car. Or for that matter, the happy breeding ground that your pasta and cola smeared car seat is presenting to the germs. Get the idea?

Upholstery car careA stitch in time does save nine. So instead of waiting to take action only after the seat covers are discolored or you can no longer make out the floral patterns on the curtain, regularly vacuum the car upholstery. And in this respect, the hand-held vacuum cleaners are not that effective. It is best to go in for the small but powerful vacuum cleaners meant for the house.

After the vacuuming routine, use a glass cleaner to wipe away at the dry dirt and the grainy stains. This is more effective than using an ordinary cleaner that is apt to leave behind suds and soapy stains. Also steer clear off the blue cleaners, notorious for leaving behind dye stains on the upholstery.

Usually a salt-water solution is enough to get rid of “wet stains”. If this doesn’t do the trick, you can always fall back on hairspray or paint thinner. But be sure to test it on some tucked away corner of your upholstery, just to make sure that you don’t end up with a mottled looking fabric.

When it comes to dealing with particularly obstinate stains and marks, there’s simply nothing that a solution of vinegar and dishwashing liquid cannot fix.

After you have cleaned the interiors of your car thoroughly, it is a good idea to apply some protectant on the car upholstery just to prevent sun damage and a fabric guard to resist dirt and stains. If you have leather upholstery, try leather seat covers, you can also apply a leather treatment to keep the leather in pristine condition.

Car upholstery care, especially the vacuuming, washing and deodorizing routines, should be regular affairs.

It is a good idea to follow some fabric-specific rules for your car upholstery caring rituals. Thus a vinyl upholstery cleaner and a soft cloth or a soft, nylon-bristled brush are all that you should use for your vinyl car upholstery and an automotive upholstery cleaner for cloth.

Take good care of your car upholstery and make sure that you replace any tattered material. After all, you wouldn’t want the car upholstery to look like something that the cat has brought in. You can take your car to any good trim and upholstery shop where you can have your grubby carpeting replaced or give the seat covers a facelift.

A periodic car upholstery care regime will have your car looking like it’s just come out of the washroom every time.

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