Back Pack Vacuum Cleaners

Back Pack Vacuum Cleaners: are small, dry soil removal units which are worn on one’s back by means of shoulder straps. A short vacuum hose attached to the vacuum cleaner conveniently forms a loop, out of the way, behind the operator and is usually held with the right hand for vacuuming using the proper cleaning attachment. The other hand is kept free to open doors, or move furnishings, and so on. Back pack vacuum cleaners contain the same vacuum motor assembly as used in many larger dry soil removal systems, therefore making the back pack units surprisingly powerful considering their compact size.

The main disadvantage is that, back pack vacuum cleaners do not hold much soil due to the small filter bag within the vacuum cleaner. As a result frequent emptying of reusable cloth filter bags, or discarding of disposable paper filter bags is necessary. A secondary air filter is commonly used, and is fastened to the air intake of the vacuum motor. [cmamad id=”709″ align=”floatright” mobid=”ad-off”]This filter must be checked regularly, and cleaned or replaced as needed for peak cleaning efficiency. Back pack vacuum cleaners serve as ideal units for cleaning ares where space is limited, such as stairways, offices, and book shelves or for cleaning hard to reach places such as air vents, overhead pipes, and lightning fixtures. Back pack vacuum cleaners have a high average compromise of both. (Airflow and Suction)

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  1. a good strong commercial grade vacuum is what we use for our carpet cleaning service. Thanks for your post very informative.


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