Rotary Machine Carpet Shampooing

Rotary Shampooing is used as a restorative cleaning method or when the carpet is extremely soiled and will not respond to extraction cleaning alone. This process involves feeding Carpet Shampoo through a shower feed shampoo brush attached to the bottom of a 175-300 rpm rotary type floor machine. As it dispenses liquid from an attached solution tank, the detergent is worked into the carpet. The floor machine is moved across the carpet in a circular motion, continuosly overlapping the previous one to work the shampoo into the pile


Carpet Shampoo

Note :

Always break in a new brush on concrete prior using to using it on carpet

Rotary Machine Carpet Shampooing: Procedure

  1. Vacuum and remove all stains from the carpet
  2. Prespray soiled areas of the carpet with approved product
  3. Set up the rotary machine using the approved rotary shampoo following manufacturer’s directions
  4. Use the block method of shampooing for best results. Turn the solution feed on during an initial pass forming an elongated C. Turn off the solution feed and loop back across both arms of the C block. Repeat this process is a series of C blocks over the entire carpet.
  5. After shampooing:
    a) Use a wet vacuum to pick up suspended soil and foam, and then dry vacuum when carpet has dried.
    b) Extract with an approved rinsing product to condition carpet and remove all residue. (Dual Process)
  6. Depending upon the nature of the carpet, groom the pile to speed drying and to leave a finished appearance
  7. Complete the job by using furniture leg pads or blocks to eliminate rust on furniture stains.

Carpet Shampoo

This procedure is old technique as the carpet cleaners would say, but its still good and it is believed to be among one of the best methods for carpet cleaning. However, using this procedure is so hard to perfect. The possibility of damaging the fibers and over wetting the carpet somehow leaves a residue. This residue will make the dirt and the soil become harder to remove as time goes by.

Machines nowadays have these features: brushes that have good cleaning capability, excellent extraction capability that even the soils that are hard to remove most likely be removed plus with improved chemicals. With all of these factors, you have a sure way of having a good cleaning result.

So, using the Dual Process Method or buying new machines that do carpet shampooing have the same result.

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