How To Clean Carpet Flooding (Basic)

First, you need to fix whatever that floods the carpet. It could be from the sink, broken pipe,  plugged toilet that has been continuously flushing or water sprinklers  that set off or could be anything.

Then, move all the objects away from your working area as seen in this pictures

Carpet Flooding

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WHMIS : Why do we need to read the label and be aware of the contents?


All to often individuals believe that by mixing common products together it will make the cleaning easier or faster. When they turn to products such as bleach and acid or strong alkali type products the results can be disastrous.

What happens in this situation is a poisonous gas is produced when the users decided to use a mixture of two or more common household cleaning agents. When the widely isded household chlorine bleach (a sodium hypochlorite solution) is combined with a acid or acid-producing substance, such as a toilet bowl cleaner or vinegar, there is a sudden release of a quantity of chlorine gas. Likewise, when a chlorine bleach is mixed with ammonia, lye, or other alkaline substance, the action will liberate a highly irritating gas. Continue reading…

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Marketing Strategies For Your Carpet Cleaning Business

How do you ensure the success of your small-scale carpet cleaning business? How will it fair with its competitors? Under the premise of taking all things as equals, what is the slightest edge that will tilt victory in your favor?

Carpet cleaning has evolved from one of those homemakers’ tales of housekeeping woes to a billion dollar enterprise. Competition is keen – some carpet cleaning companies will shoot up and fizzle just as fast. Others take forever to grow while a few seem undaunted by the challenge –they do not only succeed, they linger on top.
Most business feasibility studies revealed that marketing has defined the staying power or longevity of any business undertaking. As various resources form the foundation of your business, such as equipments, labor, capital and raw materials, marketing sets up “wings” that fly your business from obscurity to fame. Continue reading…

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