How To Clean Vomit

This is distasteful but common task and one we should be prepared for. There should be some type of absorbent material like paper towel, dry sawdust, etc. available at all times on each floor of the house or building.

    • Tools and Materials Required
  • One pair rubber gloves
  • Two mop buckets
  • Two wet mops
  • Two cloths / sponges
  • Drying cloths or towels
  • One aerosol spray deodorant
  • Two mop wringers
  • Two hand pails
  • Detergent / Disinfectant
  • Absorbent Material

Procedure for cleaning Regurgitation(Vomit)

  1. Clear all persons from the area, open windows if possible
  2. Cover effected area with absorbent material. After all moisture is absorbed pick-up and remove
  3. Wash any involved furniture and walls with a neutral soap or detergent, rinse with a disinfectant. Wipe dry.
  4. Mop floor with neutral soap or detergent; rinse with disinfectant. Wipe dry
  5. Deodorize the area(room) with aerosol spray deodorant.
  6. Clean and replace tools and replace used absorbent material.

It is important that all persons be cleared from the area to avoid the possibility of others becoming sick especially in hospital setting.

If you are interested to clean vomit on carpets please click the link.

or watch this video provided by Youtube.


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